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Here at Oggi’s World we are passionate about what your dog eats AND how it is made!  With all of Oggi's baking mixes you can be confident that they have been carefully developed to provide a healthy, tasty snack for your dog which has been produced within the human food chain. 


After all, dogs are part of the family, right!

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Unsure what’s in your best friends treats?

Why buy with uncertainty when you can bake with confidence!

Oggi’s biscuit and cake mixes allow you to bake a fresh batch of treats every week knowing exactly where, how and what is going into your dog’s snacks.

They won't be able to take their

paws off them!

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Our Products

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Original Cake

A low calorie, low fat treat that your dog will just love.

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Apple Cake

A great source of dietary fibre and vitamin C and contain omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which contribute to a healthy coat and skin.

Original Biscuit Left.png

Original Biscuit

 Plain biscuits with just a touch of rosemary, which is gentle on the stomach, rich in antioxidants and helps reduce blood sugar fluctuations.

Cheese Biscuit Left.png

Cheese Biscuit

A solid source of calcium to support your dog’s bone structure, and of course, they just love the yummy cheesy taste

Baking your own treats for your dog allows you to add extra ingredients for

super-charged healthy snacks (see our recipe ideas in the bakery). Bake smaller if

your beloved pooch is a little “cuddly” AND engage the children in caring for the family dog.







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Cake Mix can make up to 12 cakes that contains 80 Cals each

Biscuit Mix can make up to 20 biscuits that contains 30 Cals each


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