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Welcome to the Bakery

A little unsure how to use our baking kits? We have step by step instructions available

Want to try something new?

Why not try one of our nutritional recipes by adding some additional ingredients to change up the base mixes.

Carob Chip Cake

NOT chocolate, carob is a great and SAFE alternative for your dog and boy they are yummy!

Carrot Cake with Yogurt Topping

Oh the drooling! Super delicious, rich in calcium and Vitamin A; pure doggie indulgence.

Blueberry Cake

Full of Vitamins and fibre Blueberries will add goodness along with a pop of sweetness!

Sausage Biscuit

Dogs love a sausage! A super-tasty, meaty treat that your dog will love!

Raspberry Biscuit

A tasty biscuit, rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants, Raspberries are renown for helping joint inflammation.

Spinach Biscuit

Popeye inspired deliciousness! Spinach is classed as a superfood and will add bundles of goodness to your dog treats.