Kitchen Safety

Sharp utensils

Sharp cooking tools are found all around the kitchen. You MUST ask permission from an adult or parent before using them. Some utensils may not look sharp but even a cookie cutter can hurt you if used incorrectly.

Kitchen Tips

Tip: Mixing the ingredients can be really fun!
If your bowl is sliding around on the surface, put a tea towel under to give the bowl more grip.
If you are still struggling, ask an adult to hold the bowl!

HOT Trays!

Never remove baking trays from the oven by yourself. Always ask an adult to remove the biscuits or cakes from the oven.
DO NOT touch the treats until they have fully cooled. You could burn yourself and your dog if they are still hot!

You must ALWAYS use oven gloves when getting hot items from the oven.

Kitchen Tips

Tip: You should always add your water or oil very slowly. If you gradually add the liquid instead of adding the full amount at once, it will bond better with the mixture.

Biscuit Tips

Roll your dough to the same thickness so that your treats bake evenly.
If you roll out your dough thicker they will take longer to bake.
If you roll out your dough thinner they will not take as long to bake.